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SIPL: Moustaches

June 19, 2008

This one Joanna and I noticed even before we got to India. While we were waiting at the gate in Paris to board our plane to Bangalore we noticed that the majority of the men sported one prominent feature: moustaches. The mo, ‘stache, tickler, mobile tea strainer, the Magnum P.I., the handlebar, the fu manchu, the flavour saver, the Steve Carey. Whatever you want to call it, Indian men like them. Apparently in one area of India, policemen receive a 30 rupee/month bonus to sport a stache, believed to encourage greater respect. Not sure if this bonus applies to policewomen. The world’s longest mustache is owned by an Indian man I’m pretty sure. I’ve decided to keep my face more or less clean-shaven, but you may see a ‘stache on me come Movember.


Stuff Indian People Like (SIPL) Introduction

June 19, 2008

So I’ve been planning for a while to have another section on my blog where I can write about the differences between Indian and Canadian/Western culture. I thought I’d model it somewhat on Stuff White People Like, a fairly popular blog which has spawned a bunch of like-minded blogs including my friend Hussein’s blog Why Everything I Like Is Awesome. So mine will be called Stuff Indian People Like and will have SIPL in the title of all posts. Now I know that India is incredibly diverse – some liken it to a country of countries. India is the largest democracy in the world, has 1.1 billion people, and home to 415 languages, including 29 languages that are spoken by more than a million people, and 122 languages are spoken by more than 10,000 people. While I’m sure some of these observations don’t represent all of India, they for the most part represent the India I’ve seen. So I hope this part of my blog entertains and does not offend.