Jeff’s Journeys Resume!

Ahoj! That’s how you say hello in Slovak. Well I’m back again travelling, and have managed to find some cheap internet for a bit so i thought I’d try to put down a bit of what’s happened since I left Toronto on the 14th of June. A week has gone by now. I landed in Kosice, Slovakia after an uneventful flight which i basically slept through all of since I was pretty sleep deprived from last minute travel prep. Which was good since my earphones didn’t work, so I missed Open Season 2. No big loss there. Also, apparently Czech people like to drink tomato juice. Anyway, in Kosice, I met up with Mikulas (Miki) and Martina, two of the organiyers of the exchange in Slovakia. I’m going to be volunteering in the Obs/Gyn ward in a hospital in Slovakia in July for all those who don’t know.  Miki showed me around town, helped me book my train ticket for Vienna the next day, and hooked me up with a cell phone.

The next day I took the train to Vienna, through Bratislava. I arrived at Wombats, which was thankfully easy enough to find. I can’t say enough about how awesome WOmbats was. Cool easy going staff, pretty much all backpackers, cheap internet, cheap bar, good company. It’s unfortunately spoiled my perceptions of all other hostels. Oh well. At the hostel I met a lot of cool people, including a bunch of Irish boys that kept me drinking and chatting far too late in the night, a couple of Vancouverites and an Aussie who I travelled around Vienna with, and a lot of other Germans, Canadians and Americans as well as Brits, Bulgarians, Austrians, Turks and more.

Vienna is a great city full of tons of architecture and really accessible through their great transit system and pretty decent day passes. I did a ton of walking throughout the city and took a ton of pictures which I’ll hopefully get a chance to upload reasonably soon. I ended up staying longer than I had originally planned because I was having so much fun. Anyway, I think I’ll end this post here so that Colautti doesn’t complain about excessive blog post length. I’m in Salzburg now, probably heading to Munich tomorrow.  So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night! (I took the Sound of Music Tour today)


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