Palamaner – Maggots!

So this week (June 30th-July 4th) was my first week after Ajay left to go back to the States. I got into a routine of going to the ulcer ward after breakfast (the best thing to do on a full stomach, I know) for ulcer cleaning and bandaging. After that I’d go to surgery if there was one that day. I saw some more claw surgeries and skin grafts. In the afternoon, I’d hang out at the school, sitting in on lessons and playing games with the kids during their free time. One morning in the ulcer ward, I was removing the bandages from an old man’s hand. When I removed the last piece of gauze I found a whole bunch of maggots wriggling around the bony stump of one of his fingers, which the patient regarded with disinterest. While some people find maggots awesome, it was pretty gross. Maggots can be used for cleaning wounds, but the nurses didn’t think this was a good development, so they poured some very smelly turpentine into the man’s hand. The next day I saw the man again and decided I’d let someone else deal with him, though there were luckily no new maggots that day. My shoulder was very sore that week from playing dodgeball with the 9th grade kids. I gave their class a Canadian quarter, and when given the conversion rate they were pretty quick to figure out that it was worth about 10 rupees.

That weekend Tara’s friends Diya and Vignesh threw Tara a going away party for her second last weekend in India. They cooked most  of the food which was very impressive:

I was most excited about the asparagus, which I haven’t had at all during my stay in India and have been missing. Everyone else didn’t think they were a big deal – I guess they like their Indian veggies better. The next day was the O-Show at Shiva’s restaurant Opus, which consisted of some vendors with stalls and a lot of bands performing (mainly cover bands consisting of a few people with guitars) that played lots of great chillaxing music while we drank sangria… Also picked up a pretty nifty Indie (get it? I crack myself up. crack crack crack crack crack) t-shirt.


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