Long overdue update….I got in!

Well it’s regretably been more than a month since I updated this blog. But anyway, the big news. I got in to med school! I’ll be attending the University of Western Ontario’s Schulich School of Medicine at their new Windsor campus. There’s some more info about how this school will operate here. Above is an illustration of what the new Medical Sciences Building should look like. Interesting trivia tidbit – if you head north from Windsor, what city/country will you hit first? (Answer). I found out when Joanna and my dad called me together at around 12:30 AM my time. I had already turned in for the night because I had an early morning the next day – we were to go out for a site visit with the TB team at 7 in the morning. It took them a while for them to spit it out, but they finally told me and congratulated me. I didn’t have much money on my cell phone at the time so I wasn’t able to chat long. Needless today, it was hard going back to sleep after that, and I lay awake int he dark for quite a while with excitement and anticipation of med school, and all it would entail.

The next morning we took a van out with a TB field coordinator and some of the nurses. We went to a village first, and there they weighed and measured the height of the children they are tracking in the program before administering the first part of the two stage Mantoux TB skin test.

The village was an interesting sight, with some powerlines haphazardly strung up in certain places, 5 year old kids with their half-naked siblings on their hips, old women doing the laundry, grinding chutney and making chapatis outside, and cows, goats and chickens wandering about.  After that we drove to an elementary school the nurses did the same thing, and after that we headed back to the Hospital. Since this was Ajay’s last week, we spent most of Friday with the kids at the school. The ninth and tenth grades have really taking a liking to us and when we came, they all wanted our autographs….and then wanted us to write our names below, and our phone numbers and emails. I really hope they don’t try calling us long distance for what will be a pretty expensive call. Of course, we couldn’t just write this down for one person and then have them get the information from that one person…they all wanted their own personal copy, which was nice though a little tiring. After that, we played some more soccer. Since we had both the 9th and 10th grades, we had a 9 vs. 10 soccer match…I forget now what the results were, but it was pretty fun. We also played a bit of dodgeball with the girls, and I think some of the less cricket-crazy boys decided that maybe the girls were alright to play with after all and joined us.

I also brought out a frisbee that my cousin Miki had, and fulfilled my goal of tossing a disc around in India…though we didn’t get around to playing a game of ultimate. We returned to Bangalore the next day.

That weekend was another Sessions party at the Ugly Duckling. I had been craving some sweet corn (most of the corn here is not as sweet or as juicy as north american varieties) and got some fo that in one of the snacks, and I had also been craving pesto, and got some of that in a make your own pasta thing that I made with the works. That along with drinking and dancing was a great way to celebrate me getting in to med school. Of course the family couldn’t wait to celebrate either and was quite happy/relieved themselves, so they had some champagne themselves.


One Response to “Long overdue update….I got in!”

  1. Eric Lee Says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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