Outpatient Clinic and TB Lab

This morning there weren’t very many people in the physiotherapy place, so we decided to shadow two of the doctors that work in the outpatient clinic, who see more than a hundred patients some days. Both doctors are fresh out of med school and have been here for about a year, and were really nice and explained all of the conditions that the patients came in with and about the way these conditions are treated in India. Over lunch we had a nice chat and talked about the various medical systems here in India, in the States and in Canada. It’s kinda weird too because out of 12th grade  at age 17 they started at St. John’s Medical School and finished in 2007, so they’re about my age, but they’re full doctors while I just finished my undergrad am applying to med school now.

Since the hospital is mainly focused on leprosy and tuberculosis, a lot of patients came in with conditions arising from this, but most of the patients I saw had various skin ailments and allergies (a fair bit of psoriasis) – very different from the patients I saw while shadowing my family doctor in Toronto, who had a lot of people with high blood pressure and some with depression.

The next day, we walked around and went to the lab run by the TB team. It’s interesting that there, like in surgery, you have to change into flip flops that do not leave that area. We got a tour from the head of the lab, George. They have a pretty nice setup there with some very good equipment, lots of centrifuges and freezers for their samples. I was actually very impressed, it looked very similar to the labs I was working in last summer in Guelph. We also looked through the window of the mycobacterium lab which contains some nasty bacteria and requires additional precautions and protection to enter. That afternoon we were planning on taking a bus back to Bangalore instead of waiting for the shuttle van the next afternoon, but it turned out there was already a car going with packages and people to St. John’s, so we hitched a ride with them. The Bangalore traffic though was pretty gross and probably added at least a half hour to our transit time. That night I had a nice dinner with Miki, Mario and Niharika and relaxed. The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, I went over to Nandi’s for dinner the next day and got to see Indran again, who is now finally walking, and doing a lot of that, though he’s still learning that he can’t walk through some obstacles and is liable to wipe out on stuff. It was also funny because Nandi tried sticking childproof protectors onto the sharp corners of her table, but of course the protectors are not baby proof so Indran just rips them off and gives them to Nandi. He is also learning to speak better and is getting smarter every day. I also just found out that after I left on Sunday, Indran had a bit of a spill and cracked his collarbone and is now in a sling. Here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery. Tara’s husband Jay has also had a spill and is requiring surgery, and I hope he recovers well.


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