June 16th: Emmaus Swiss School

Today we went to the Emmaus Swiss School in the morning, which is now in session during the mornings. We visited the 10th grade class and introduced ourselves and then asked the students a few questions. They were all pretty shy at first and didn’t want to talk, so Ajay and I had to try to open them up again. It’s interesting that here, it seems the students will always stand up when the teacher enters or exits, and also when they are answering a question. Anyway, I tried to remember all the ice breaker games from when I was a frosh leader. We started off with them one by one telling us their names and what they liked to do in their free times. A lot of them like to play cricket, and wrestling, so I got to tell them about how I saw Shane Warne in Goa and the Great Khali in Paris. They also said they liked western music so I asked them if they knew Avril Lavigne (they didn’t), but they did know Bryan Adams and Celine Dion. The children mostly spoke quietly, I think because they were shy, and they also have accents that made it hard for us to understand them. I’m sure it was hard for them to understand us as well. We decided to play hangman which worked out pretty well, with lots of different categories including geography, movies, sports teams, periodic elements, etc. They’re not too familiar with hangman and as soon as we put the word up and they counted the number of characters, they would all shout out words, and I had to keep asking them to guess letters which they would also all yell out at once – pretty chaotic. Still it all worked out in the end. Towards the end we did a bit of a trivia challenge, splitting the class into two teams, and got through a few questions before we realized that school was over for the day. It was a lot of fun though and so we’ll probably return back soon.


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