June 18th – Ulcer Ward

Today we met Dr. Jacob and first looked at a piece of software called Supertime 2000 that he’s trying to use to schedule teachers, classes, and resources. It’s basically a big database, and I think we implemented something like this in one of my CS classes at UW. The program isn’t all that intuitive though. I suppose if I was one of my CS friends I could just write my own program that might be better, but since I’m not one of my CS friends, I’ll just try to figure out this program. If anyone knows of a better free program we can use, please let me know.

After that we went into the inpatient ward and got our first experience observing the ulcers that leprosy patients have. They’re mainly on the feet, but some also have it on their hands and shoulders. Basically the patients lose the sensation in this area, so they are unable to tell when they are damaging their skin, and they develop blisters which develop into these ulcers, and what you basically have is a big open wound, no skin, just flesh. It’s definitely a lot more intense than any of the surgeries I’ve seen so far, because in surgery everything is precise and clean, where as these are large gaping holes in their flesh. Some people have really big holes in their bodies that the doctors and nurses have to clean out and cut out all the dead flesh before they can bandage it up. Dr. Jacob thought it would be a good experience for Ajay and I to learn how to clean and dress these wounds, but we’re not sure if we’re up to the task right now. If you want to see what they look like, just do a google picture search of leprosy ulcers. There were a few times I had to walk away and sit down because it was a little too gross for me, though Dr. Jacob says it will get better with time. I hope so.


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  1. Jim Says:

    For more info on leprosy check out our website


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