May 29: Tara and Jay’s Wedding

Finally the big day arrived. Justine, Joanna and Nandi got primped in the morning and after noon we headed to Uncle Cecil’s for the blessing. Of course we were all there before the bride, who was late, at the parlour still. She finally showed, looking quite beautiful, and we did the blessing and went on to the church. The weather held and it was a beautiful sunny day for the ceremony, though it was very hot. Since I was a groomsmen I was in the front row and the camera was right on me, so I kept looking to see when it wasn’t on me and then wiping the sweat off my forehead. The ceremony was nice, though at the end of the homily one of the bright halogen lights at the front briefly went very bright blue, then exploded and shards of hot glass jumped across the altar, past Jay and Tara, and hit one of the flower arrangements, starting a small fire that was quickly put out by the photographer. Otherwise the ceremony went smoothly. After that we had a brief rest at Nandi’s where she and Shiva perfected their toast, and then we headed out to the Bangalore Club for the reception. Again there was lovely outdoor decorations but it would rain lightly and then stop, so we had Nandi and Shiva’s toast outside, but then had to hurry back in. There were other toasts by Jay’s brother and dad and finally a nice thank you from Jay. We did the wedding march, ate, drank and danced, and then came the bouquet toss. Everyone was rooting for Justine to get it again since she has been designated most eligible bachelorette, and somehow quite accidentally the bouquet landed straight in Justine’s hands. There’s no garter in India since the brides wear saris instead of gowns, but for Tara’s wedding Jay pinned a flower on the eligible bride to be, which not so accidentally turned out to be Karn, Justine’s dance partner. There was also the always-dangerous lifting up of the bride and groom in chairs and parading them around and having them kiss. I decided to leave the lifting to Jay’s able-bodied family and Tara’s ninjitsu friends. We drank and dance some more, and then 11:30 came around which is the time when you are supposed to stop serving alcohol in Bangalore, which kinda sucks. We stole a few large bottles of beer to drink while everyone left, and at midnight it was Alia’s birthday so we got her to stand on a chair and sang her happy birthday. After that we headed back for a good rest, with all the wedding madness finally behind us.


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