May 26-28: Tara’s Pre-Wedding Madness

Monday morning was Tara’s mehendi party. The girls all went early while I got to sleep in. Mehendi is the traditional application of henna in intricate designs on the hands, arms and feet, and is trypically done to the bride and other women. When Joanna and I looked it up in wikipedia, we were laughing because the above hand from the mehendi page looked just like hers. Anyway, Shiva and I headed over later for lunch and got to meet the groom Jay and his family, as well as more of A. Brinda’s family. That night I was pretty tired but still Joanna and I headed out with some fo the other younger people to a club called Taika, which played Top 40 in one area and then house in another area. The house area was weird because there was the DJ in front and then everyone on the dance floor was just facing him and doing their thing. At one point some hairy hippieish dude behind us urged us to give him more room for him to groove or whatever.

The next day was Tara’s roce. I was prepared this time, and wore one of Shiva’s old shirts and brought a change of clothes. Should have probably borrowed an old pair of pants as well, since my khakis now have a rather large stain right by my crotch where the coconut milk pooled, rendering them unwearable. The roce was held at Opus, one of Shiva’s restaurants that is actually on the same property as his parent’s house, which meant we could take showers after the roce. After all that prep though it was more or less all for naught, as U. Cecil and A. Brinda enforced a coconut only blessing, much to Nandi and Alia’s chagrin. They couldn’t stop Jay’s family however from drenching him with many bottles of ice cold beer. Luckily I was spared that fate. The rest of the night was lots of fun, highlighted by Justine burning up the dance floor with Karn causing her to lose a layer of skin on the bottom of her big toe, and Joanna burning up the dance floor with Jay, his dad, and pretty much all the other men present. We also did a bit of bad karaoke at the end that was luckily limited to two songs.

The next day we had the wedding rehearsal followed by an awesome Thai lunch at the 13th floor, where I gorged myself on Thai curry. Mmm. That night was Jay’s roast. There was scotch and cigars, as Jay’s family and friends tried there best to roast Jay, but it seemed there wasn’t too much dirt on him. Early on it almost turned into a roast on Jay’s dad, as his family seemed to have a lot more dirt on him. That night the girls went to Tara’s, and there was apparently a lot of dirt shared then. We tried to get back early and rest up for the big day.


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