Goa Day 3 and 4: May 14-15

The next day we walked down the beach to Calangute, which is only about a 20 minute walk away. We had some nice pastries at a bakery there, and Justine and Joanna did a bit of shopping. We headed back to Baga and chilled on the beach for the rest of the day. We were planning on going to the Anjuna night market, but it turned out that the market was actually during the day and we had just missed it. That night we went to Souza Lobo Hotel for another good Goan meal, where the girls feasted again on seafood and I had some good curry myself. We heard that the clubs only started getting popular around 11:30, so we picked up some Old Monk rum and some coke and headed back to our hotel for a pre-drink. Around 11:30 we headed out again to check out the clubs, but they were still dead, only about 4 people in Tito’s, but the guys outside said they be busier at midnight. We headed back to the hotel room, finished the mickey of rum, and then re-emerged around 12:15ish. By this time, Mambo’s was somewhat happening, so we chilled on the patio for a bit, and then some decent music came on so we went into the air conditioned club area. It was still pretty much a sausage party in there, and without my usual wingmen I figured it was going to be a pretty quiet night. But Joanna stepped in and performed admirably, and we first met some crazy Kiwis with some interesting dance moves…they disappeared, and then we met some Brits who had been volunteering for the past 6 months at a school. Joanna requested the dance version of RHCP’s Otherside, which was a good ice breaker since we all knew it and could sing along to it. Apparently famous cricketer and IPL hero Shane Warne was there as well, though we only found out from the Brits after we had left. The next day was pretty chill, we walked a long ways to a lonely planet restaurant that ended up being closed, then relaxed on the beach, did a bit more shopping in Calangute and then headed back to Panjim to catch our bus back. When we got to Panjim we found out that our bus got cancelled, which was not cool. After a bit of negotiation, we got put on another bus that left two hours later, and we had to pay Rs 600 more, which apparently we would be reimbursed for. We first wanted to eat a quick dinner at the Horseshoe place again, but it only opened later, so we headed back to Viva Panjim for a pretty good meal, and then caught our bus. This time, the ride was even worse. On the sleeper buses, they have both bunks and regular sitting up chairs. Unfortunately, besides the dedicated bunks area, they also have bunks over the chairs, which are a lot smaller in size. So for the ride back I was stuck in a bunk that was about 3 feet high, compared to the four feet or so the girls got in their normal bunks, and I was stuck on the inside beside some random man, and the vent spewing ice cold air was that much closer. After trying unsuccessfully to try to cover the vent with my hat or book, eventually the guy beside me shoved his hankie into the vent for some respite from the coldness. Along the way, the bus decided to breakdown for about an hour, but luckily they managed to fix it, and we eventually got back to Bangalore, rocking our new tans.


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