Goa Day 2: the Goa Sausage Party moves to Baga (May 13)

The next morning we took a cab to Baga, a tourist beach destination. Unfortunately the tourist season had just ended, so it was pretty dead. We checked our mail at the internet café there (costs about $1/hour) and then headed to the beach. The beach is usually lined with open air beach shacks that serve food and drinks, but there were only about three open in the area we were, and about 40 or so tourists. At the far end on one side we could see a lot of people, so Justine and I decided to walk down the beach and check it out. Turns out it was full of hundreds and hundreds of Indians (though girls around my age were conspicuously absent). The funny thing about Indian modesty is that the men will be wearing nothing but briefs in the water, while the women are literally fully dressed in traditional Indian clothes. There are a lot of old women sitting in their saris in the water, just chilling there as the waves come in and out. For the rest of the day we just chilled at the beach, and then we decided to walk to Britto’s, which was supposedly really good from the lonely planet. Justine and Joanna feasted on a seafood platter and some shrimp curry while I had a pretty decent pork curry and some Kingfisher. We were pretty tired but we decided we might check out Mambo’s and Tito’s, the two clubs there that are supposed to be fairly happening. At 11:00 PM they were both dead, so we just went to sleep that night.


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