May 1-3: The flight over

Finally decided it’s high time to get around to filling out this travel blog before I forget everything that has happened so far.  I figured I might as well start from the beginning. On May 1, my mom, dad and grandmother saw my sister Joanna and me off at Pearson, with numerous last minute instructions and warnings. The flight to Paris was more or less uneventful, though Joanie and I were unimpressed that wireless internet wasn’t free in Toronto or in Paris. On the plane to Paris we saw 27 Dresses, which was watchable, though I probably wouldn’t want to sit through it again. I did find it odd that Katherine Heigl went from being the babe on Grey’s Anatomy to an always bridesmaid, never the bride in this movie. On this leg of the journey, we didn’t have personal screens, so we had no choice over what to watch. We got to Charles De Gaulle airport pretty early, had to for some reason go through security again, and then tried to lie on the benches by our gate and wait out the 4 hour layover. It was early so none of the shops were open. Eventually stuff opened and we decided to wander a bit. We found a playstation,  but unfortunately it only had the Ratatouille game, which I didn’t know existed, and the game was in French. After drowning myself in a sewer a few times I decided that the movie’s success didn’t quite carry over into the game. After that we split a yummy baguette sandwich and chilled in some comfy leather seats in a cafe. While wandering around, I noticed the man mountain that is the Great Khali, a.k.a. Dalip Singh, a.k.a. the big scary brown dude in The Longest Yard. Joanna wanted to go take a picture with him, and I wanted to stay a reasonably safe distance away since he weighs 387 pounds and is 7’2″ . In the end Joanna took a picture from afar where he is towering over everyone else. His wife wasn’t too impressed and gave Joanna the “stink-eye” as she calls it. It’s kinda funny because we’ll randomly see him in the paper or on TV here in India… Anyway, after that we discovered that the plane that was supposed to be at our gate before our plane was delayed, so our gate got changed….and then our plane was delayed too. When we finally went through our gate, we didn’t get on the plane waiting at the gate, but instead went down a stair well and onto a waiting bus. We were not impressed. The bus drove us to the other side of the airport and pretty far away from any terminal to a waiting plane, where we had to wait for more busloads of people. We also discovered our seats were right beside the washroom. Again, not very cool. It actually turned out to be not as bad as it could have been, though the fact that the plane water was contaminated was not cool either. They never told us the degree to which it was contaminated, just that it meant no coffee or tea, and that we should drink from the bathroom faucets. Sketchy. We did however get our own screens, which meant we got to choose what movies or TV shows we wanted to watch. Though not completely, because the TV shows were just showing a loop of Friends and some other stuff, while the movies seemed to start every half hour or so, so if it already started, you had miss some of it, or wait until the next showing…at any rate, I did get to watch Charlie Wilson’s War, which I highly recommend, and helps fill out more of the Afghanistan picture that I have read about in The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I also watched The Piano, which I had never seen before but I had remembered that Anna Paquin got an oscar nomination for. It was weird, and didn’t quite live up to my high expectations. We finally landed in Bangalore, and after sitting on the runway for twenty minutes to wait for an available gate, then waiting longer for our luggage, we emerged to find Justine and Tara waiting for us. It was a bit surreal being back in India after so long. We got to Nandi’s great flat, had a quick shower and went to bed. Pictures of these days are here:


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